La Soiree Sunglasses In Eco Black
La Soiree Sunglasses In Eco Black
La Soiree Sunglasses In Eco Black
La Soiree Sunglasses In Eco Black
Velvet Canyon

La Soiree Sunglasses In Eco Black

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You put on your sunglasses. The world is soft around the edges, a sun soaked daydream

unfolding in front of you. Lounging in the ample afternoon sun, fingers trailing along the surface

of a sparkling pool, the first fresh sip of a martini through peach hued lips. Glistening skin and

warm whispers and laughter echoing off steaming concrete. Crisp linen and cool marble; the

clink of ice cubes and perfume mingling with the cool ocean breeze. A glance over the shoulder

that does all the talking for you.

 You have nowhere to go but everywhere, the whole world rosy

and ripe as a peach. Wherever you are, welcome to Velvet Canyon. Strip down. Dive in. Stay


Founded by sisters Bec Nolan and Cass Moase, and photographer Ali Mitton, Velvet Canyon is

an ever evolving love letter to a sun drenched golden era set somewhere between past, present,

and future.

Pulling inspiration from the electric energy and classic styling of decades past, with

an eye for soft lines, caramel hues, and sensual silhouettes, Velvet Canyon will seduce your

senses, immersing you in their world like a lush, shimmering fever dream.


Lens Category 3 • UV400 • 100% UV Protection

Our sunglasses are hand-crafted using high quality cellulose acetate.


Cellulose acetate is made from cellulose obtained from wood produced in sustainably managed forests, cotton linters (the hairy fibers that cling to cotton seeds after harvesting) and acetic acid (the main constituent of vinegar). The cellulose paste is then mixed with dyes and cured to create the beautiful tones you find in our collections. Many of our acetates are custom designed, like our Caramel Tort, so you won’t find them anywhere else!


Cellulose acetate is biodegradable and decomposes rapidly in both seawater and soil. Unlike most typical synthetic plastics, those made with cellulose acetate break down after use into cellulose and acetic acid by the action of water in the natural environment. These materials eventually return to the environment with no adverse impact. Water and microorganisms eventually decompose the cellulose into carbon dioxide and water that can be used to nourish plants once again.


While being biodegradable is important, our goal is that your sunglasses stand the test of time, being passed down and worn for generations to come. Our designs may be vintage inspired, but it’s our dream that in 20, 30, 40 years time, they will be worn as actual vintage.

We use CR-39 lenses in all of our frames. These are created to be highly shatter proof and scratch resistant in order to withstand the test of time. At the end of their lifespan, they are recyclable.


Our packaging is composed of a biodegradable, vegan leather pouch, a cleaning cloth and a recyclable card box.